Future MD Canada

Future MD Canada is an online tool developed collaboratively by Canada’s medical education partners to assist with career planning. It contains timely, accurate, and descriptive data about many aspects of physician education, training, and entry into practice, including answers to some of the most frequently asked questions raised by people considering a career as a physician in Canada. The information in Future MD Canada has been reviewed by medical students, residents, and practising physicians to ensure accuracy.

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AFMC Student Portal

The AFMC Student Portal is a bilingual information hub and centralized application service for visiting electives at the 17 faculties of medicine in Canada. Services, offered for Canadian and international undergraduate medical students, include a searchable database of visiting electives in Canada; online application process; and placement and confirmation tracking tools for elective coordinators.

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A place designed specifically for healthcare educators and learners to collaborate, connect, and share with others, resources and insights related to healthcare education and research.  Members can participate in communities, access resources, and host events.  We invite you to explore our site and become part of the community!

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Canada's Faculties of Medicine

Since 1943, AFMC has represented Canada’s 17 faculties of medicine and is the voice of academic medicine in this country. AFMC works to represent and support the mandates of our medical faculties – research, medical education, clinical care with social accountability. Through our collective leadership, expertise and advocacy, we will achieve excellence in education, research and care for the health of all Canadians.

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Future of Medical Education in Canada (FMEC)

The Future of Medical Education in Canada (FMEC) is a continuum wide initiative focused on ensuring that Canada’s medical education system continues to meet the changing needs of Canadians, both now and into the future. A collective vision for enhancing undergraduate and postgraduate medical education is in active implementation, and a consortium of partners is focused on the future of continued professional development beginning in 2015. Access the FMEC MD and FMEC PG transformative recommendations and learn more about the collective vision here.

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Admission Requirements

Applying to medical school is one of the most important steps in becoming a physician. In Canada, there are 17 faculties of medicine and each one has its own admissions profile when it comes to basic requirements, quotas and success rate. To help students interested in pursuing medical studies navigate the Canadian landscape, the AFMC Data and Analysis team publishes the Admission Requirements of Canadian Faculties of Medicine annually. This up-to-date report is the result of a close collaboration with each Canadian faculty of medicine.

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Did You Know

70 Years of AFMC in Action

This commemorative video, which was commissioned as part of the AFMC’s 70th anniversary celebrations, features representatives of the AFMC and its Board of Directors, Canadian faculties of medicine, national partner organizations and learner groups. In addition to providing pan-Canadian footage of our faculties in action, it showcases the AFMC’s outstanding contributions to academic medicine in Canada over its 70-year existence.

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Annual conference



The Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME) is the premier medical education conference in Canada. It hosts the largest annual gathering of medical educators in the country. Each year a different Canadian faculty hosts the conference in partnership with five of Canada's leading health organizations - The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC), the Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME), The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), the Medical Council of Canada (MCC), and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC). The AFMC is conference secretariat and provides administrative support for the conference.