AFMC and Resident Match Integrity

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The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) takes the integrity of the national resident match very seriously and is providing the information below to reinforce this commitment to our students, residents, and faculty. We want to take this opportunity to outline existing strategies for an equitable and unbiased resident match for all applicants.

We have communicated with the Postgraduate Deans to underscore the existing strategies that ensure the integrity of the resident match. The Postgraduate Deans will ensure that all Program Directors receive this reminder.

  1. Published descriptions of the criteria for resident selection are available on each residency program’s website.
  2. Questions on politics, religion, cultural affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or marital status are NOT permitted in the interview process.
  3. No external lists, data, or letters may be shared, disseminated, or utilized at any stage in the resident selection process.
  4. All residency programs must adhere to Best Practices in Applications and Selection (BPAS).
  5. Each residency program must be in compliance with their institutional guidelines and policies on bias mitigation and conflict of interest.
  6. We urge all leaders to remain sensitive to student, resident, and faculty distress and provide the supports required.

The AFMC will continue to monitor the resident matching process and any attempts to intimidate or harass students will not be tolerated and will be the subject to an inquiry and action by the medical school involved.