AFMC’s Response to Opioid Crisis Project: Advanced Knowledge of Pain & Management of Chronic Pain Modules are now Live

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February 21, 2023

The Response to Opioid Crisis project is excited to announce the launch of two additions to the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada’s PGME curriculum: PGME 6.1. “Advanced Knowledge of Pain” and PGME 6.2. “Management of Chronic Pain”.

These modules are bilingual, comprehensive, competency-based, and provide further context to the existing PGME curriculum.

PGME 6.1 and 6.2 highlight topics such as The Development of Pain, Types of Pain, and Non-Pharmacologic Methods of Treating Pain and can be accessed freely alongside the PGME curriculum here:

We are also excited to announce the official launch of a new module entitled Graduates of Medical Schools Outside of Canada: Substance Use Disorder Curriculum for Internationally Educated Physicians (IEPs).

The module is designed for graduates of medical schools outside of Canada, or Internationally Educated Physicians (IEPs). It highlights the content of the AFMC’s Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) curriculum modules to help learners determine which modules they may explore more thoroughly to address gaps in knowledge and which modules they may wish to review.

This course is not designed to summarize the existing UGME curriculum. Rather, it allows learners to develop a better understanding of competencies expected of all medical students in these areas, and assist in the continuation of their medical education or clinical role in Canada.

The IEP module is available alongside the recently launched PGME and CPD curriculum at