AFMC’s Response to Opioid Crisis Project Completes Pilot of Simulation Playbook

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With Health Canada’s support, AFMC’s Response to Opioid Crisis Project successfully developed and released the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) curriculum in January 2021.

With Health Canada’s support, AFMC’s Response to Opioid Crisis project has created a Simulation Playbook in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The Simulation Playbook is integral to the project as it will enhance the hands-on learning experience by utilizing case-based physician-patient scenarios. The Simulation Playbook will supplement the PGME and CPD curriculum that is in the final stages of development by the Response to Opioid Crisis project. It will be freely provided to all 17 Canadian medical schools.

The Simulation Playbook contains six case-based scenarios which were piloted from April 2022 to September 2022 at the following Canadian institutions: University of Calgary, Western University, and the University of Ottawa. The pilot included over 40 participating resident physicians from the affiliated institutions. 

The goal of the pilot was to test and strengthen the case-based scenarios. Specific feedback was received on several components of the Simulation Playbook, including on the clarity of instructions, edits to the script, and providing further guidance on utilizing the Playbook in different practice settings and locations. Pilot participants were impressed with the scenarios as they touched upon rarely discussed topics and found the scenario content to be clear and comprehensive. Valuable suggestions were also provided to strengthen the Simulation Playbook before its official launch.  

The pilot feedback from all three institutions has been compiled and will be assessed and integrated by the RCPSC and the Response to Opioids Crisis project in order to strengthen the final version of the Playbook.  The Simulation Playbook will be launched alongside the PGME and CPD curriculum by March 2023.