What has the CANPREPP team been up to?

Over the course of the summer, the CANPREPP team has been working on improvements to the webtool by utilizing the feedback from learners, faculty representatives, and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible experience for both programs and learners alike. 

Our physician resource planning advocacy efforts

Since 2010, the Canadian population has increased by 12% while Canadian admissions to medical school has only increased by 6% during the same timeframe. Statistics Canada reported in 2019 that approximately 4.6 million Canadians did not have regular access to a primary care provider.

Translations no longer required for university transcripts

At their meeting on June 23, 2022, the AFMC Committee on PGME confirmed that students will no longer be required to provide English-French or French-English translations of their university transcripts when applying for the resident match. This will reduce the cost and the administrative burden for students.

Visiting electives for the class of 2024

At the AFMC Board meeting on April 24, 2022, the Board approved the recommendation from the AFMC Committee on Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME), with the support of the AFMC Committee on Student Affairs, that visiting electives, including international electives, will be allowed starting in the Fall of 2022, for the Class of 2024, according to each school’s capacity and schedule.