AFMC Young Educators Award

The AFMC Young Educators Award recognizes individuals within their first seven years as a faculty member who have produced change within their university or within the medical community as a whole through their vision, work, and interaction with colleagues. The award is open only to candidates with MD or graduate degrees. Nominees will often be recognized as outstanding teachers but this in itself will not be the basis for the award.

The award and the associated $1,500 honorarium will be presented at the 2018 Canadian Conference on Medical Education (Halifax, Nova Scotia), April 28 - May 1, 2018. The recipient will receive a complimentary registration for the conference; however, other expenses for attending the conference are not covered.

Nomination Procedure

Any faculty member, through the office of the dean may submit a nomination. Please ensure that you include a clear statement about the nominee's achievements, why he or she is being recommended, and an up-to-date curriculum vitae. The nomination package must also include two reference letters as well as a letter of support from the Dean. Each Canadian faculty of medicine may submit up to two nominations for this award.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is September 30, 2017. The nomination, including 1 copy of all documentation, should be sent to the AFMC at . Selected recipients will be notified in November 2017.

Previous Recipients


Dr. Teresa Chan, McMaster University


Dr. Heather Jamniczky, University of Calgary


Dr. Brian Wong, University of Toronto


Dr. Miriam Lacasse, Laval University


Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam, University of Toronto


Dr. Adam Peets, University of British Columbia


Dr. Ravi Sidhu, University of British Columbia


Dr. Sunil Verma, University of Toronto


Dr. Nancy Dudek, University of Ottawa


Dr. Mark A. Goldszmidt, University of Western Ontario and Dr. Anthony Levinson, McMaster University


Dr. Kevin Eva, McMaster University


Dr. Bruce Ballon, University of Toronto


Dr. Kevin McLaughlin, University of Calgary


Dr. Sharon Straus, University of Toronto


Dr. George Kovacs, Dalhousie University


Dr. Leslie Ann Sadownik, University of British Columbia


Dr. Cathy Risdon, McMaster University


Dr. Rose Hatala, McMaster University


Dr. Glenn Regehr, University of Toronto


Dr. Brian Hodges, University of Toronto


Dr. Richard Arseneau, University of British Columbia


Dr. Rayfel Schneider, University of Toronto


Dr. Ray Baker, University of British Columbia and Dr. Peter Singer, University of Toronto


Dr. Martine Chamberland, University of Sherbrooke and Dr. Richard Reznick, University of Toronto


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