CACMS and CACME New and Improved Website Announcement

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The secretariat is delighted to announce that our new and improved websites for the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) and the Committee on Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education (CACME) have launched. The site has moved to AFMC servers. Resources are in place to maintain, expand and ensure rapid updates.

The new website redesign is now more user-friendly, with a better navigation system and more accessible content.

New documents now available

CACMS WebsiteCACME Website
– Accreditation documents for schools with visits in AY 2024-2025
o   Rules of Procedure
o   Standards and Elements
o   Guide for the Conduct of CACMS Accreditation Visits
o   Data Collection Instrument (DCI)
o   Medical School Self-study (MSS)
o   Guide to the Independent Student Analysis (ISA)
o   Accreditation Visit Report Writing Guide and Team Evaluation Forms
Section on New Medical Education Programs in Canada
Accreditation documents for CPD offices with visits in AY 2024-2025
o   CACME Standards
o   Guide to the Conduct of a Visit
o   Visit Report Template
o   Quick Guide for Conducting an Internal Quality Review (IQR)

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