Canada’s Portal for Residency Program Promotion (CANPREPP) is proud to be the Canadian Medical Residency Career Fair Sponsor at ICAM 2023

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CANPREPP, an initiative of AFMC, is a virtual platform allowing applicants to Canadian residency programs to discover, experience, and connect with any residency program across Canada. Learners can find the right fit for their future by exploring residency programs across Canada, all in one virtual place.

Developed to address the unique needs of residency applicants searching for a program match during the COVID-19 pandemic, CANPREPP turned out to be an important equalizer for the medical education community. Any student can explore any program across Canada – leveling the playing field for learners and programs alike.

You can learn more about CANPREPP by visiting Booth at ICAM. The team will be on site to answer any questions, showcase upcoming initiatives and solicit feedback on how to make the web tool better. Additionally, CANPREPP will be working with student organizations to sponsor 10 learner registrations to further support the learner community.

We look forward to seeing you at ICAM 2023!