Data & Analysis

The role of physicians is a critical component to the delivery of healthcare in our system. Medical Education data and analysis allow us to assess what our medical education system is doing to produce physicians in Canada and how it is performing.
With a collection of data dating back to the 1940's, AFMC is the source of information regarding physician inflow and output through Canada's undergraduate and postgraduate training system as well as the numbers and types of doctors trained and how they are distributed and move throughout Canada. We also gather data pertaining to our faculties of medicine such as their faculty compliments, curriculum offerings, tuition fees and research revenues.

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Did You Know

70 Years of AFMC in Action

This commemorative video, which was commissioned as part of the AFMC’s 70th anniversary celebrations, features representatives of the AFMC and its Board of Directors, Canadian faculties of medicine, national partner organizations and learner groups. In addition to providing pan-Canadian footage of our faculties in action, it showcases the AFMC’s outstanding contributions to academic medicine in Canada over its 70-year existence.

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