Data & Analysis

AFMC’s Data and Analysis team manages the national repository of information on faculties of medicine across Canada. Formerly named Office of Research and Information Services (ORIS), this service was established in 1985 as a division of research and data collection at AFMC with over 40 years of data holdings focused mainly on undergraduate medical education and provides expertise in the analysis and interpretation of data through longitudinal studies and trend analysis.

In addition, AFMC’s Data and Analysis team is responsible for the distribution and collection of annual surveys that include the AFMC Applicant Study, the Annual Enrolment Survey: MD Program,  the Survey of Students Receiving the MD Degree, the Revenues for Biomedical and Health Care Research, the Admission Requirements, the Canadian Faculty of Medicine Financial Survey and the AFMC Graduation Questionnaire.

Medical faculties also participate in the Annual Faculty of Medicine Survey (AFMS) which collects information on a number of different topics including:

  • quotas for first year positions

  • faculty members by rank and discipline

  • clinical facilities

  • graduate students and degrees awarded by discipline

  • duration of clinical clerkships and stipend amounts

  • tuition and other fees

  • post-M.D. trainee fees and remuneration

Did You Know

70 Years of AFMC in Action

This commemorative video, which was commissioned as part of the AFMC’s 70th anniversary celebrations, features representatives of the AFMC and its Board of Directors, Canadian faculties of medicine, national partner organizations and learner groups. In addition to providing pan-Canadian footage of our faculties in action, it showcases the AFMC’s outstanding contributions to academic medicine in Canada over its 70-year existence.

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