Eligibility for the Canadian Residency Match as of July 1, 2025

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In alignment with the timing of the change in accreditation status of Canadian medical schools, the AFMC Board of Directors has approved that the reference to the LCME be removed from the 2006 Board approved motion, which would now read:

Be it resolved by the AFMC Board of Directors that effective July 1, 2025:

  • That all graduates of Canadian medical schools be assured access to a residency position in Canada to complete training necessary to enter practice,
  • That access to postgraduate training organized by the Residency Match in Canada be through a defined and transparent process for eligible graduates of CACMS accredited medical schools and also for eligible graduates of international medical schools,
  • That these processes must be defined by July 1 of the calendar year to ensure proper implementation can occur,
  • That we affirm that eligibility for a postgraduate training program is determined by each Canadian medical school,
  • That participation in the first iteration of the Canadian Residency Match be restricted to eligible graduates of CACMS accredited schools or international medical schools, who have had no previous RCPSC/CFPC/ACGME accredited postgraduate training.