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R1 Match

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2021 R1 Match Resources

CANPREPP Now Available

AFMC launched CANPREPP, a one-stop-shop solution where any applicant to a Canadian residency program can discover and experience any residency program across Canada. This new tool is funded by the CMA Foundation, and is a result of collaboration between AFMC and the Canadian Faculties of Medicine, the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), the Canadian Medical Association, the CMA Foundation and Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec (FMEQ).

National Web Calendar of Events

The national web calendar of events is now available on CANPREPP. Please visit to see the calendar

Canadian Residency Virtual Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for all stakeholders involved in the 2021 R1 match.

As there will not be in-person activities for the class of 2021, it is essential for applicants to have the opportunity to find out more about different residency programs across Canada that will meet their career and life goals.

Residency programs also have a need to promote themselves in order to highlight the strengths of their programs and communities as they look to select residents who will be the best fit for their programs.

In response to these needs, AFMC has developed the Canadian Residency Virtual Promotion Guide that outlines general guidelines that pertain to virtual program promotion and applicant engagement for the 2021 R1 match cycle. The Guide was created by the Virtual Interview and Program Promotion Subcommittee of the AFMC Resident Matching Committee.

In addition to the guide, we welcome and encourage the participation of all programs in the national events calendar and web tool.

New Virtual Interview Handbooks for Applicants and Programs

A virtual interview handbook for applicants and a virtual interview handbook for programs is now available to assist with the transition to virtual interview for the 2021 residency match. The handbooks were created by a working group of the AFMC Resident Matching Committee (ARMC), which included learners, PG deans and Program Directors.

Certified English and/or French Translators for medical students

The AFMC sourced a list of skilled and certified translators for medical students to use as they fulfill their application requirements for residency program applications across Canadian Faculties of Medicine.

See the Translation Firms on Standing Offer