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AFMC creates new event for networking, learning and sharing

AFMC is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the inaugural International Congress on Academic Medicine (ICAM) in Quebec City, Canada April 12-18, 2023 for both in-person and virtual options. This annual event unites educators and education scholars along the continuum of medical education including undergraduate, postgraduate, continuing medical and health professions education as well as graduate studies.


ICAM is Canada’s first transdisciplinary gathering in academic medicine. The Congress will include colleagues who are health researchers and health research education leaders. This will enhance our engagement, discussions and synergies on common themes and issues in academic medicine.


ICAM will be a venue to promote innovation and scholarship in medical education and health research on an international scale. Delegates will convene with Canadian and international colleagues to network and develop new relationships and collaborations.


ICAM will include a special focus on all academic medicine learners including medical students, residents as well as graduate students. Learners will have the opportunity to present, network and to connect with medical education and research mentors. A special feature of the event will be a career fair for learners across the continuum. 


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