The Canadian Healthcare Education Commons (CHEC)


As a program of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) and the 17 faculties of medicine that it represents, the mission of the Canadian Healthcare Education Commons-Collaboration pour l’éducation en santé au Canada (CHEC-CESC) is to provide an online environment to improve access to healthcare education and learning resources.

Goals for CHEC-CESC

Offer an online environment to:

  • Encourage the active sharing, development, and exchange of educational materials and pedagogical tools including virtual patients and other e-learning tools.

  • Permit members to offer feedback and evaluate resources.

  • Support discourse among members with a particular focus on the challenges inherent in teaching and learning.

  • Facilitate collaboration on projects and research, and report on work that is relevant to its members.

CHEC-CESC is a user-driven site designed specifically for AFMC Groups, healthcare educators and learners. Members can build and contribute to a health education knowledgebase through the CHEC-CESC:

  • Virtual library (referatory and repository with thematic collections),

  • Professional network, and

  • Communities of practice (collaborative workspace)


At the May 2007 Medical Education Conference in Victoria, members of the AFMC Informatics Resource Group began to define a new vision for sharing and collaboration. What emerged was the Canadian Healthcare Education Commons – La collaboration pour l'éducation en santé au Canada (CHEC-CESC), a place to share resources, to learn and to network. Focused on e-learning and e-teaching, CHEC-CESC is a uniquely Canadian initiative, highlighting cultural awareness, pedagogy, service to both faculty and students, and best practice models. This initiative respects the plurality of the pan-Canadian context and the diversity of each of our schools while emphasizing the value and efficiencies inherent in dialogue, synergy, joint development and the potential for technological articulation. The 'Commons' launched in 2008 and has since grown to house numerous communities of practice and a wealth of learning objects and resource collections for educators.


AFMC is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year!

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Stay tuned for further details about the celebration.