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February 28, 2023
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FMF LOVED is available January – August 2022

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FMF LOVED. Anytime, Anywhere.

This innovative virtual space provides continuing professional development opportunities in an accessible format. For $50 per certified session, gain unlimited access to the (FMF). Expertly vetted, each session is peer-to-peer, evidence-based education that is timely in the field of family medicine and aligns with the current learning needs of members.

This one credit-per-hour Self-Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) for up to 30 Mainpro+® credits. We have 24 sessions available in English and six in French. You are required to submit post-reflective questions for each session to earn credits. These credits will be uploaded to your Mainpro+ holding area automatically in September 2022.

With family physicians’ busy schedules in mind, we’ve made it possible for you to take part in FMF at your leisure. Start and stop, pause and review, take notes and gain invaluable knowledge from the comfort of your home, office, or even on the go. Once registered, you will have instant and unlimited access to the topics most relevant to you.
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View full program here. Thank you for your dedication to family medicine.

An Approach to Hematologic Issues Arising During Pregnancy
Dr. Lani Lieberman, Dr. Heather VanderMeulen, Dr. Gwen Clarke
Learn about the impact, prevention, and treatment of iron deficiency on both mother and neonate.

Approach to Depression in Primary Care
Dr. Jon Davine
Hear about the different treatments for adjustment disorder with depressed mood, bipolar disorder depressed phase, and major depressive disorder.

Being Better to Ourselves: Physician wellness and resiliency
Dr. Stephanie Smith, Dr. Serena Siow, Dr. Daniela Isfan
Review the concepts surrounding physician wellness, including stress management, burnout recognition and prevention.

Cannabis in Pregnancy: A 2021 update
Dr. Lisa Graves, Dr. Suzanne Turner, Dr. Jocelynn Cook
Learn about screening tools that are available and how they can be incorporated into practice.

Consent and Capacity During COVID-19 in Long-Term Care
Dr. Jessica Cuppage, Dr. Jessica Sennet, Dr. Evan Chong
Review the ethical premise and fundamental elements of consent and how these have been translated into legislation across Canada.

Diabesity: Integration of obesity management in diabetes care
Dr. Akshay Jain, Dr. James Kim, Piraveena Piremathasan
Nearly 80% of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus are either overweight or obese. Find out how effective dietary education can be crucial for weight loss and thereby improve glycemic control. This session will also focus on appropriate utilization of pharmacotherapy for patients with diabetes and obesity based on the latest 2020 Diabetes Canada Pharmacotherapy Clinical Practice Guidelines and the 2020 Obesity Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Family Violence: What family doctors needs to know
Dr. Eva Purkey, Dr. Robert F Woollard, Dr. Harriet MacMillan
An overview of the VEGA resources and a discussion on the principles and scenarios in which child maltreatment or intimate partner violence is suspected or disclosed.

Game Changers: Decoding media misrepresentation of medical evidence
Dr. Jessica Kirkwood, Dr. Danielle Perry, Dr. Samantha Moe, Joey Ton
Review some of the ways the media distorts estimates and how family doctors can more effectively interpret them, based on the medical literature.

Just Breathe! Non-invasive support for respiratory distress patients
Dr. Filip Gilic
A common sense approach to respiratory distress, a effective approach for identifying elements of distress; and a schema-based treatment progression that allows you to simplify and standardize your interventions.

Masculine Medicine: Putting testosterone to the test
Dr. Ted Jablonski
What is “normal aging” when it comes to sex hormones and how do you define Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome? Whose levels should be tested? What lab tests should be used? How do you safely treat and monitor?

Pandemic Pearls: From family planning to STI care
Dr. Charlie Guiang and Dr. Hannah Feiner
Guiding primary care providers through cases around STI screening and treatment as well as contraception counseling

Pearls in Thrombosis for Family Physicians
Dr. Alan Bell
Manage patients presenting with diseases requiring consideration of anticoagulation.

PEER: What’s new, what’s true, and what’s poo
Dr. Tina Korownyk, Dr. Mike Kolber, Adrienne Lindblad
Review top studies from the past year that have the potential to impact primary care. Topics vary depending on recent studies.

Please Make That Chronic Cough Stop!
Dr. Alan Kaplan
Review the ACCP guidelines for chronic cough and review a recently developed algorithm to recognize how you approach these patients, and know who to refer and who you can treat yourselves.

Red and Itchy Skin Lesions: Approach and pitfalls
Dr. Lawrence Leung
A bird’s eye view to common red and itchy skin conditions as encountered in family medicine, coupled with ample visual material.

Red Flags for Cancer: What can’t wait?
Dr. Lisa Del Giudice, Dr. Genevieve Chaput
An evidence-based summary of the signs and symptoms suspicious of cancers presenting in primary care.

Simplified Chronic Pain Guideline by PEER
Dr. Michael Allan, Dr. Tina Korownyk, Adrienne Lindblad
The potential benefits of each therapy and a resource that patients can use with you or by themselves to assist them in making the best choices in the management of their pain.

Tails of Anemia: You are prescribing iron incorrectly
Dr. Anmol Lamba
Evidence-based practices in screening, diagnosis, and treatment of anemia, with a special focus on iron deficiency.

The Four Principles in The Time of COVID-19
Dr. David Ponka, Dr. Victor Ng
Explore how everyday practice has been impacted, using the four principles of our discipline as a guiding framework.

Timber! A common-sense approach to syncope
Dr. Filip Gilic
A common-sense approach to detecting common and deadly causes of syncope in a physiology-based schema format that is easy to follow.

Tips and Tricks to Expedite Cancer Diagnosis
Dr. Anna Wilkinson
A six-step algorithm to simplify the work up of malignancy and practical tips and clinical pearls to accompany each diagnostic step.

Top 10 Family Medicine Practice-Changing Articles
Dr. Jock Murray, Dr.  . Jennifer Leverman, Dr. Mandi Irwin
Presentation and critical appraisal of ten articles from recent family practice literature.

Topical Corticosteroids
Dr. Lawrence Leung
What are the common skin conditions that benefit from topical corticosteroids? And when should we not prescribe topical corticosteroids?

Yes, No, Maybe: Teaching learners to respond to opioid requests
Dr. Lisa Graves, Dr. Erin Knigh,
Dr. Fran Kirby, Dr. Ivy Oandasan, Dr, McKenzie Lim, Dr. Marlee Klaiman, Dr. Tony Fang
Case-based discussions to highlight the teaching opportunities that occur when patients present for renewal of opioid prescriptions.