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  • The Future of Medical Education in Canada is a ground-breaking Health Canada-funded project meant to lead to a medical education system that can better meet the needs of Canadians, both now and into the future. What attributes does a student require in order to gain entry into medical school, thrive in the undergraduate medical education system, and become the type of physician that Canadians deserve?

    The Future of Medical Education in Canada project is meant to ensure that, in the face of Canada’s ever-changing society and resulting healthcare needs, medical students in Canada continue to receive the best education possible. Our physician workforce must continue to be socially accountable to Canadians, dedicated to their patients, and their own role as life-long learners.

    The project has capitalized on the dedication of many stakeholders to ensure its success. These include the Deans, Undergraduate Deans, Steering Committee, Blue Ribbon Panel, Environmental Scan research team, Data Needs and Access Group, Young Leaders’ Forum, Task Force on Implementation Strategy, and dozens of colleagues in the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Further information on all of these groups and activities can be accessed through this site.

    Update on FMEC Collective Vision

    The final project report, "The Future of Medical Education in Canada (FMEC): A Collective Vision for MD Education", published January 28, 2010, is now available in English and French. Please click here to download a copy.