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Liaison and Engagement



The Liaison and Engagement Consultant was retained with a mandate to liaise between the Steering Committee and the Canadian PGME community, keeping stakeholders uniformly apprised of project activities and developments while engaging them to identify issues, concerns, priorities and successes relevant to the FMEC PG Project.

Between August and December 2010, the Consultant undertook 108 separate consultations with educators, regulators, students and residents, government, nursing and allied health, hospitals and medical associations across Canada. We are grateful to all these individuals and organizations for their time and insight.

To read or download the summary report from this process, click here.

For the second round of consultations, the FMEC PG Management Committee directed the LEC Group to solicit feedback on the draft recommendations from 13 national stakeholders, town hall meetings at 17 medical schools and a web-based survey. A total of 107 individuals participated in the national consultations, and 579 in the town hall meetings, for a total of almost 700 participants. Note that this total underestimates the number of people involved in providing feedback, as many of the meetings (particularly the national meetings), the participants had polled their members and were providing feedback on behalf of their entire executive or membership. An additional 18 submissions were received through the web-based survey or directly to the LEC Group. To read or download the summary report from this process, click here.