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Implementation Update from the Consortium Partners

A Consortium Partnership Project

Presentation to Family Medicine Program Directors

Presentation to Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada

Implementation Phase

Learner Panel March 24, 2014

Physician Resource Planning Taskforce Learner Panel March 24, 2014

Implementation activities addressing Recommendations 1 - 3 Learner Panel March 24, 2014

Implementation activities: - Rec 4 (Competency-Based Curricula) - Rec 6 (Assessment Systems) - Rec 9 (Governance)

Implementation activities addressing Rec 5 – Transitions

Rec 7 (Clinical Teachers) and Rec 8 (Leadership) Implementation activities

Implementation activities addressing Rec 10 - Accreditation

Updates November 13th, 2014 Family Medicine Forum

The Review of PGME in Canada

Responding to Health Needs of the Population: Striking a Balance Between Generalists & Specialists

Recruit & Retain: The Canadian Recruit & Retain Conference Nick Busing, MD Future of Medical Education (FMEC) Postgraduate Lead Consultant

Training the Future Physicians for Canada : How to improve our medical education system

Social Accountability Survey of Canadian Program Directors

Smoothing transitions across the medical education continuum: From medical school to residency to practice

Creating a More Effective Continuum from Medical Student to Practising Professional

Supporting Our Most Valuable Asset: Our Clinical Teachers

FMEC PG Implementation: Accreditation Alignment Dr. Geneviève Moineau Update for LCME & CACMS Joint Session

Reports and Papers

Canadian National Guidelines and Recommendations for Integrating Career Advising Into Medical School Curricula

FMEC PG: Medical Student Career Advising: National Recommendations

PGME into the Future – A report on FMEC PG Activities

Academic Medicine

Socially Accountable Postgraduate Canadian Residency Programs

FMEC PG Guide to Improved Social Accountability in Medical Schools


Collaborative Governance: Building Trust

A Canadian PGME Collaborative Governance Council: Outcomes of first Council meeting and future directions

What does an Aligned Accreditation system look like?

Foster Leadership Development: Shaping our Future Leaders

Aligning Accreditation along the Medical Education Continuum for Excellence in Residency Training

FMEC PG Selection Poster FMF 2015

FMEC PG Governance Poster

CCME 2016 HiddenCurriculum