A project funded by Health Canada


The goal of the FMEC PG Implementation Project was to adapt the postgraduate medical education system to changing societal needs while improving efficiencies to support a more sustainable health care system. The national, collaborative approach to implementation of the FMEC PG recommendations ensures that medical residents receive the best training possible and are able to meet the changing healthcare needs of Canadians.


The FMEC PG Implementation Project ensures Canadian medical residents continue to receive unrivalled training. To this end, four specific objectives were identified.

  • To ensure that the postgraduate medical education system in Canada continues to equip medical residents with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to provide high quality medical care and be responsive to changing societal needs
  • To address through postgraduate medical education the production of physicians in Canada to ensure the appropriate balance between generalists and specialists
  • To ensure that areas such as bioethics, professionalism, communication skills and a population health approach are emphasized to the same degree as some other aspects of medical education
  • To identify the resources needed to support changes in medical residency training


The project oversaw the implementation of all 10 recommendations of the FMEC PG Collective Vision. Implementation of three recommendations - Rec #05 Transitions, Rec #09 Governance and Rec #10 Accreditation - and oversight for the other seven recommendations was done with financial support from Health Canada and the consortium partners as well as in-kind support from academic volunteers. Various activities at the MCC (Blueprinting Project), the Royal College (Competency by Design) and the CFPC (Triple C Curriculum) were in-line with the recommendations of the FMEC PG Collective Vision on Rec #04 - Competency-Based Curricula and Rec #06 Assessment Systems. The FMEC PG leadership supported coordination between these activities to avoid overlap and duplication.