AFMC strives for excellence in medical education and research by fostering collective action and supporting national initiatives.

International Congress on Academic Medicine (ICAM)

Bringing together health leaders in education and research.

The International Congress on Academic Medicine (ICAM) will be a congress that is unparalleled in scope and reputation in Canada, providing unique opportunities for networking and sharing of scholarly work in medical education along the continuum and across academic medicine. Over 2000 of the brightest, most innovative physicians, learners, researchers, health organizations and leaders spanning the globe will come together to discuss the most pressing questions in academic medicine that bring us closer to a healthier tomorrow.

Canada’s Portal for Residency Program Promotion (CANPREPP)

CANPREPP is designed to help medical students and residents connect with residency programs across Canada 

CANPREPP, an initiative of AFMC, is a virtual platform allowing applicants to Canadian residency programs to discover, experience, and connect with any residency program across Canada.


Students can find the right fit for their future by exploring residency programs across Canada, all in on virtual place.

Student Portal

Your One-Stop Shop for Visiting Electives

The AFMC Student Portal is an online, bilingual service that facilitates applications and placements of medical students for undergraduate visiting electives at the 17 faculties of medicine in Canada.


The Student Portal services include a searchable database for visiting electives in Canada; online application process for Canadian and international students; and placement and confirmation tracking tools for elective coordinators at each faculty. Our services are available to Canadian and International undergraduate medical students.

AFMC’s Response to Opioid Crisis

Developing a Canada-wide, competency-based curricula for future physicians in pain management, substance use and addictions.

AFMC has released a series of online educational modules for medical students across the country. This will help close gaps in current educational offerings and ensure future physicians are better prepared to address pain management and addiction medicine.


Supported with a financial contribution from Health Canada, the new curriculum was created by a multidisciplinary team of subject-matter experts and stakeholders.


Culture of Academic Medicine Initiative (CAMI)

Promoting positive culture change for the wellness of all in academic medicine

The Culture of Academic Medicine Initiative aims to motivate positive culture change by promoting institutional and individual level strategies.


The initiative seeks to empower individuals in academic medicine – including in the clinical, research, administrative and training settings – to be kind, respect others and show compassion by celebrating positive stories of impact. We will highlight stories of learners, educators and researchers who are making a positive impact on those around them.


At the institutional level, AFMC will help develop resources necessary to implement the Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges within the Faculties of Medicine.

Coming soon!

International Dean Leadership Development Program

Supporting professional development of Deans of Medicine around the world

AFMC has developed an International Dean Leadership Development program to support professional development of Deans of Medicine, Deans of Health Sciences Faculties, aspiring Deans and others in decanal leadership positions around the world.

This program is closed for 2022, come back in 2023 to learn more.

Academic Health Institutions’ Declaration on Planetary Health

Committing to building a healthy, sustainable, and just future for all

As health institutions throughout the world declare a code red emergency for the health of the planet, AFMC is committed to the immediate implementation of planetary health education, research, and the transition to climate-resilient and low-carbon health systems.

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