Learner News Portal Update – June 2023 

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Over the course of the summer, the CANPREPP team has been working on improvements to the webtool by utilizing the feedback from learners, faculty representatives, and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible experience for both programs and learners alike. 

Important information for students regarding the AFMC Student Portal and visiting electives 

  • The AFMC Student Portal (afmcstudentportal.ca) is an online, bilingual service that facilitates applications and placements of medical students for undergraduate visiting electives in Canada. This service is available to Canadian and International undergraduate medical students.   
  • There are 16 schools offering clinical rotations, and we have an average of 200 learners per week applying. There is no charge to create an account and browse posted opportunities, so why not look and see what is being offered when you have scheduled elective time?   
  • For Canadian students, your accounts are automatically added by your school when you are eligible to apply for visiting electives. For International students (Class of 2024 only), you can start the registration process by completing the Home School Verification Form found on the Student Portal homepage.   
  • A Student Portal user guide is provided by your school to give you step by step instructions on how to navigate the student portal and apply for electives.  AFMC also provides student training demonstrations.  Please read the guide carefully as it provides key information on applying for visiting electives. 
  • A one-time registration fee will be charged with your first application and schools may charge application fees and an acceptance fee when you apply or accept an offer.  Schools will try to accommodate all applicants but paying your fees will not guarantee a placement. 
  • The AFMC works with the schools to define their electives, the capacity for each elective and their schedules for both Canadian and International students. Each school has relaunched visiting electives with some limitations. 
  • It is important that you continually check your dashboard and respond within 7 days when the school is asking for information such as a valid prerequisite or proposed alternate dates.  Schools offering you a placement will require a response within 7 days. 
  • In March 2023, photo ID and Date of Birth (DOB) was made mandatory.  Please ensure that you update your profile with this information. 

Issues impacting students: 

With the re-introduction of visiting electives using a new platform, AFMC is actively working on identifying and resolving issues that arise. The following are some issues that AFMC is aware of and actively addressing:

  • There have been some occurrences where capacity and application windows did not align, allowing students to apply when in fact, there was no availability for an elective.  We have seen a significant decline with this issue over the last few months.  AFMC is continuing to train staff and monitor electives to ensure this is addressed.  In circumstances where it is warranted, students are refunded their fees.   
  • Known system issues will now be published directly on your student dashboard with updates provided when the issues are resolved.  If system issues are preventing you from accepting an offer, you will be given an extension beyond 7 days to respond. 
  • If you experience an issue or have concerns, please feel free to contact the AFMC Help Desk at service@afmcstudentportal.ca