NCIME Elders and Knowledge Keepers Gathering in Iqaluit

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The Elders and Knowledge Keepers Circle (EKKC) provides guidance and advice to the NCIME Executive Committee, Executive Director and Director of Community engagement based on their expertise and experience as an Indigenous Elder/Knowledge Keeper. 

The EKKC’s leader and other members have been involved in the NCIME’s Executive Committee and Working Groups. They guide our work with Indigenous traditions and wisdom. Some specific activities they support include attending meetings, conducting interviews for members of the project team, assist in the drafting of outward-facing communications and announcements, develop engagement strategies with national Indigenous organizations and support, honour and build meaningful relationships with the Indigenous community. 

The Elders and Knowledge Keepers Circle along with members of the Executive Committee, co-chairs of the NCIME working groups and staff will gather for two days in Iqaluit, Nunavut, traditionally known as the place of fish, for the first Elders and Knowledge Keepers Gathering the NCIME is hosting. Leslie Spillet, Giizhigooweyaabikwe (Painted Sky Woman), lead Knowledge Keeper for the NCIME has been leading the gathering with support from staff and the members of the circle. The EKKC will discuss the roles and relationships the members of the Circle envision with the NCIME, participate in knowledge translation with staff and co-chairs to be updated on the work NCIME has done thus far.

The group that is gathering will engage with and learn more about life in Nunavut and Inuit cultural practices with circle member Levinia Brown who resides in the Kivalliq region (Rankin Inlet), as well as Annie Petaulassie who is an invite guest to the gathering, retired teacher, artist and a resident of Iqaluit.