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Learner News

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AFMC Update for Students

Learner News

June 17, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for all stakeholders involved in the 2021 R1 match. Below you will find updates on key initiatives:

Partial refund of Portal Registration Fee

The AFMC Student Portal was developed to reduce the administrative burden on students in the application to multiple visiting electives.  Prior to its existence, students were required to apply separately to visiting electives at each faculty.


AFMC charges a one-time, lifetime Registration fee of $250 for Canadian students and $625 for international students to enroll in the service.  These fees are used to maintain and improve the Portal.  On behalf of each Faculty of Medicine, AFMC also collects Application Fees set by and passed on to the faculties. These Application Fees have already been refunded to each student.


AFMC provides students with the capacity to build a single online profile and apply to opportunities offered by medical schools.  There is no guarantee that applicants will be successful in securing an elective as this is dependent on school capacity, elective choice and dates requested.  As such, learners consent to our service’s terms pursuant to the Registrant’s Declaration, including the following stating that the portal registration fee remains non-refundable:

Portal Registration Fee. AFMC may also charge a one-time non-refundable Portal registration fee. Should such amount be made payable, then you will receive a notice to that effect in a timely manner. AFMC reserves the right to change registration fees from time to time. (( )


Due to these exceptional and difficult times, the AFMC Board of Directors has approved a partial refund of $175 CAD to Canadian and international students who were unable to complete all of their scheduled (i.e. confirmed) visiting electives due to COVID-19.


We regret that, due to significant financial constraints, we are unable to provide a partial refund to more students.


*Previously published on the AFMC Student Portal News (July 15, 2020-

Past issue resources

Recommendations of the AFMC Resident Matching Committee (ARMC) subcommittee on File Review and Applications. Recommendations approved by the AFMC Board of Directors. 



***Clarification: Some of the changes to the MSPR suggested in the ARMC SubCommittee on Applicaton and File Review, approved by the AFMC Board of Directors on October 27, 2020 may not be fully implemented by the medical schools in time for Match 2021. Please refer to the specific recommendations below: 

  1. MEDICAL STUDENT PERFORMANCE RECORD: a. All 17 medical schools adhere to the national MSPR template developed by the MSPR Working Group. This may not yet be implemented for all schools for Match 2021. b. All 17 medical schools use a common standardized approach and the same criteria in documenting professionalism issues on the MSPR. This has not yet been implemented for Match 2021. c. All 17 medical schools include narrative comments on the MSPR. This may not yet be implemented for all schools for Match 2021