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Patient-Physician Partnership Toolkit Physician User Guide

Simulation Playbook Tips

Tool of Tools



AFMC’s Faculty Development Working Group members have developed four tools to support the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) curricula. These tools help resident and practicing physicians better understand opioid use disorder, pain management, opioid stewardship and provides access to beneficial resources.


Tool of Tools:

A searchable pdf clinical aide which contains linked resources arranged thematically related to opioid use disorder and pain management, that physicians can refer to when delivering patient care.


Patient-Physician Partnership Toolkit One-Pager: A Physician’s Guide


The Patient-Physician Partnership Toolkit One-Pager serves as a user guide for physicians to utilize when navigating the Patient-Physician Partnership Toolkit website. It contains points on incorporating the Toolkit within the physician’s clinical practice, accessing the Toolkit, and introducing it to their own patients to utilize.


One-Pager for Project Champions:


The One-Pager for Project Champions serves as a point of reference about the AFMC’s Response to Opioid Crisis Project and its curriculum. It provides information on the ways the curriculum can be utilized, what it entails, and where it can be accessed.


Simulation Playbook Tips:


The Simulation Playbook Tips document compliments the Simulation Playbook as it details the six case-based scenarios contained within the Playbook and provides tips for preceptors as they review and utilize the Simulation Playbook in their unique setting or area of practice.

UGME Faculty Development

This faculty development tool presents an opportunity to approach the opioid crisis at the educational level, to further educate stakeholders including faculty, preceptors, residents, and medical students about both opioids, their appropriate use and response to misuse. The tool provides a background on the AFMC Response to the Opioid Crisis Curriculum, describes 7 areas of focus, and provides tips to maximize the feedback to students and other learners.

CFPC Faculty Development Tool

RCPSC Faculty Development Tool

Faculty Development Podcast