How to Use the AFMC Response to Opioid Crisis: Patient-Physician Partnership Toolkit

Developed in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public (CEPPP), the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) has created the Patient-Physician Partnership Toolkit.


The Patient- Physician Partnership toolkit is an online resource intended for patients who have been prescribed opioids, individuals who have experienced opioid use disorder, and physicians to address the current opioid crisis in Canada.


The Toolkit aims to be a hub for opioid-related resources and a place for physicians and patients to find case-based and physician-reviewed resources that support safer prescription management and opioid use.

The Toolkit is organized into 8 sections:


Discussion Tool: A guide to support and improve patient-physician communication before, during and after medical appointments.


Living with Opioids: Testimonials from Patient Partners that highlight lived experiences related to opioid use, stigma, and opioid stewardship.


Training Modules: Access to the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada’s (AFMC) curriculum material focused on opioid education.


Resource Guides for Patients and Physicians: The resources included within this section are geared towards providing further opioid related tools and resources produced by reputable organizations across Canada.


Fact Sheets: Patient and physician response to frequently asked questions and issues related to opioids.


Medication Safety: Resources to promote safer use, storage and disposal of opioid prescriptions.


Glossary: Key terms to provide educational context on the opioid crisis and the patient experience.


Confidentiality: Information about health privacy laws and the obligations of physicians to keep patient information confidential.