Admission Requirements of Canadian Faculties of Medicine

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Every year the AFMC gathers information on Admission Requirements directly from the 17 Faculties of Medicine in Canada. The resulting guide contains detailed information on every school, from MCAT requirements, to the number of available seats (including breakdown of restricted or reserved seats), application timelines and dates, interview dates, application requirements and fees, applicant success rates, combined program information, a complete set of contacts for the admission departments…and much more.

The AFMC Admissions Guide is the only place to get information on every medical school in Canada in one convenient location.

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70 Years of AFMC in Action

This commemorative video, which was commissioned as part of the AFMC’s 70th anniversary celebrations, features representatives of the AFMC and its Board of Directors, Canadian faculties of medicine, national partner organizations and learner groups. In addition to providing pan-Canadian footage of our faculties in action, it showcases the AFMC’s outstanding contributions to academic medicine in Canada over its 70-year existence.

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