Research & Innovation

Faculties of Medicine are an essential part of the solution to boosting innovation in health research and training of highly qualified physicians and scientists.

Research & Innovation

Health Research in Canada

AFMC has five strategic priorities for the future of health research in Canada. 

The training & development of future leaders in health research

As an organization dedicated to advancing medical education and life-long learning, we believe that the next generation of health professionals will need research training to become innovative and compete in knowledge-based global economies.

Research without boundaries

The AFMC through its Faculties of Medicine is ideally positioned to provide leadership in the entire spectrum of health research.

Creative collaboration with health partners to advance science and create new partnerships

Multidisciplinary health research often results in better outcomes. Educating the next generation of health professionals provides an opportunity for the AFMC to partner with other groups to develop innovative training programs that are responsive to the current health care needs of Canadians.

Accelerate research through state-of-the-art Infrastructure and core facilities

State of the art research facilities and equipment are critical components of the health research enterprise and enable teams of talented researchers to be globally competitive in the pursuit of science and technology , and much of Canada’s research infrastructure is outdated.

Engaging and inspiring the public

The AFMC strives to educate the public about benefits that research can bring to people’s health, economy and society.

Shaping the future of Health Research in Canada

AFMC’s new Position Paper A National Integrated Health Research Strategy advocates for the creation of a National Health Research Strategy.


The research and innovation that is conducted by Canada’s medical schools lead to healthier Canadians, reduces health care costs and grows the knowledge economy. We must grow our health and biosciences industry to not only generate Canadian wealth and knowledge economy jobs in Canada but also improve the health of Canadians with “made in Canada” solutions.

The Economic impact of Canda’s Faculties of Medicine and Health Science Partners

In June 2013, the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) retained Tripp Umbach to measure the economic impact of the 17 Canadian faculties of medicine on the individual provinces in which they are located and operate, as well as the nation as a whole. This report presents results of the combined economic impact that Canada’s faculties of medicine and their affiliated teaching hospitals have on the country.

AFMC Fee Assistance Programs

AFMC offers two fee assistance programs to help students in financial need.

Future MD Canada

The Future MD Canada web tool is a comprehensive tool that features a Q&A, glossary, and references to provide factual responses to all of your questions related to admissions, costs and funding, earnings, residency and practice.

Admission Requirements

Every year the AFMC gathers information on Admission Requirements directly from the 17 Faculties of Medicine in Canada and publishes a free guide to help students navigate the application process.