AFMC is working in partnership with The Black Medical Students’ Association of Canada (BMSAC) and the Network for the Advancement of Black Learners (N-ABL) to gather information about how Canada’s 17 Faculties of Medicine are responding to the BMSAC’s Calls to Action released in June of 2020, and to better understand the current national landscape of anti-racism initiatives and support for Black students and learners in medical education. 

“Since the establishment of the Black Medical Students’ Association of Canada (BMSAC) in 2020, we have worked to not only create a community for Black medical students, but to effect change at a national level. To this end, we released our Calls to Action to make short and long-term recommendations on admissions, curriculum, and accountability. We recognize that a number of Faculties of Medicine have since acted on these recommendations and are pleased at the progress made thus far. We also recognize that gaps remain in addressing anti-Black racism in academic medicine and in supporting Black medical students. The BMSAC, in conjunction with NABL, is proud to partner with the AFMC to conduct this environmental scan through a survey. We aim to identify areas of progress as well as gaps to further inform our future advocacy initiatives.”

Julianah Oguntala, Chair of the BMSAC.

 The survey will be launched in early 2023.