Statement on Tender Process for Resident Matching Services

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The AFMC exists to support Canada’s Faculties of Medicine and the learners within them. The AFMC takes great pride in carrying out this mandate with care – including the important role of overseeing the system by which medical students are matched with residency positions across the country. 

The AFMC acknowledges how critical a high functioning system is for the match and how stressful the match process is for both learners and UG/PG groups. The AFMC also recognizes the sensitive nature of the data involved in the match process. As a result, the AFMC takes the match system very seriously and is constantly working to ensure student information is protected and students are paired with opportunities in an equitable, streamlined, and affordable way.

After several years with the current provider, a tender process is now required to satisfy relevant procurement laws, in particular, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the Canadian-European Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

The AFMC has listened to and heard stakeholder input on this topic and will be undertaking a partnered tender process that invites learner representatives as well as faculty to participate in the selection process. The AFMC Board, including all Deans, will be engaged throughout the process. We will also involve a third-party Fairness Monitor to ensure difficult questions are addressed and managed in a fair and transparent manner.

The goal is to select a service provider in time for the 2027 match process.

By securing and maintaining an equitable, streamlined, secure and affordable match system, the AFMC and its stakeholders will help ensure optimal results for medical students and residency programs.

Stay tuned for dates to participate in Town Hall discussions in the near future.