The Evolution of AFMC’s Student Questionnaire: Paving the Way for Enhanced Medical Education

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The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) has long stood as the beacon for collecting and publishing invaluable data on Canada’s medical education system. For over four decades, its data collection initiatives have informed everything from advocacy for unmatched Canadian Medical Graduates to modifying admission prerequisites.

One of its most ambitious projects, the AFMC Student Questionnaire (ASQ), represents a trinity of surveys charting the learner’s journey throughout their medical education. Born from the division of the Graduation Questionnaire, the ASQ aims for a more nuanced, longitudinal capture of a student’s medical education trajectory. This triad comprises the MD Entry Survey, Pre-Clerkship, and the Graduation Questionnaire, each strategically dispersed across the medical education timeline. The methodology lies in direct distribution, with each student receiving tailored, trackable links for the surveys, ensuring timely reminders and seamless access.

However, the real value of the ASQ lies not in its form but its implications. By allowing faculties to tap into learners’ experiences at critical junctures, the insights become a springboard for rectifying concerns and optimizing various facets of their programs. For students, it offers a conduit for transparent feedback, emphasizing their central role in the education ecosystem.

For this year’s cycle, 13 schools are participating for their class of 2026 or 2027. Recognizing the burden surveys put on learners we continue to work with schools to integrate the ASQ into their existing tools. That way one survey provides both targeted, school specific information while also providing national comparative data.

In essence, the AFMC Student Questionnaire is more than just a survey tool. It represents a bold step towards an enriched, student-centric, evidence-backed medical education system in Canada. As AFMC continues to evolve and refine the ASQ, the promise remains steadfast: a medical education journey that is both reflective and forward-looking, aiming for nothing short of excellence.