What has the CANPREPP team been up to?

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Over the course of the summer, the CANPREPP team has been working on improvements to the webtool by utilizing the feedback from learners, faculty representatives, and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible experience for both programs and learners alike. 

The third version of the CANPREPP webtool will feature a new and improved calendar, additional functionality for users, practical tools and resources for learners, improved program profiles, the addition of subspecialty programs to browse, a program compare function, and more CANPREPP blog posts on important topics for learners!

The CANPREPP team is excited to collaborate with the International Congress on Academic Medicine (ICAM) by hosting a 60-minute in-person session for learners as well as the supporting the virtual career fair.

As always, the CANPREPP team is immensely grateful for the support and feedback we have received thus far and are exited for the launch of third version this fall!